Insulated Patio Roofing

The roofing features a polystyrene core that gives you great insulated properties to reduce heat transferring through the patio roofing. The ceiling like appearance compliments all homes with the continuation of the ceiling continuing out to the patio area as one.

Incredible long spans

The roofing allows an unsupported roof to cover most spans required by our clients. This allows for an uncluttered ceiling giving you many options for
accessories such as LED lights, heaters, fans, and in-ceiling speakers.

The Insulated roofing is available in many colours to suit the colour palette of your home.

Impressive Ceiling Like Finish

The Flat Ceiling style gives you an experience like no other as the insulated properties keeps all heat out and creates a cooler patio environment.


LED lights within the sheets, the use of strip heaters, fans, and in-ceiling speakers.

Design Flexibility

This style patio allows Your Outdoor Patio to build the unit as a flat design to suit your home. There are various attachment options available and can even be used as a free standing unit.

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