Design Flexibility 

The celebrated flat roof profile of our carports has gained immense popularity among property owners for its modern appeal and ability to cover expansive areas adjacent to the house. This flat-roof carport is highly adaptable, offering various installation options: it can be affixed to the house fascia, connected to a brick wall, anchored through roof tiles, or even erected as a freestanding structure.


Simplicity and Functionality 

Our carport design boasts a clean, minimalist roof line, featuring a smooth finish akin to a ceiling, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your property. This design is both elegant and practical, with the option to incorporate roof lights into the structure, perfect for casting diffused light into shaded areas. Constructed with robust Colourbond beams, our carports are designed to achieve impressive spans across all sizes, providing a strong and stylish shelter for your vehicle.

Genuine piece of mind

You are protected with a 25-year warranty and the 8-year coating warranty on the patio system. All products of Your Outdoor Patio are manufactured in Australia.

Engineered Carport

The carport is fully engineered for peace of mind knowing that it has been thoroughly tested and complies with all relevant Australian Standards.

Design Combinations

The Flat Carport allows you to combine it with all other patios in the Range, with the use of its beam and deck roofing.

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