Design Freedom

The unique Stratco Outback Flat Patio has the largest width flat roof profile on the market, being a 500mm wide sheet with an impressive span of up to 4.5metres. The design flexibility allows your outdoor patio to build units up to 8.4 metre span to suit most homes. There are many options for attachment to your home with wall attachment, fascia attachment or the use of extenda brackets on your house roof.

Uncomplicated by Design

The Stratco Outback Patio design gives you a clean, uncluttered roof design with its ceiling like finish and allows for roof lights to be incorporated into the sheet for filtered light into dull areas. The Outback beam is the only one piece roll formed beam on the market with a 120mm and a 150mm design, with impressive spans on both beams.

Genuine piece of mind

You are protected with Stratco’s 15-year warranty and the 8-year coating warranty on the patio system. All products of the Outback Patio are manufactured in Australia by Stratco.

Engineered Patio System

The Outback Patio system is fully engineered for piece of mind knowing that it has been thoroughly tested and complies with all relevant Australian Standards.

Design Combinations

The Stratco Flat Outback allows you to combine it with all other patios in the Stratco Outback Range, with the use of its outback beam and outback deck roofing.

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