Total Weather Control

With a Stratco Outback Sunroof you have total weather control at a push of a button. The Stratco Sunroof is the most versatile patio on the market with a total aluminium system for the coastal areas, with a large aluminium support beam for that large bulkhead look and Stratco also has their Outback Beam system with aluminium blades which can be incorporated with all other designs to make a combination of a patio to suit your style.

Superior Product

The Stratco Sunroof units are driven by a powerful 24-volt DC linear actuator for a reliable, long life operation. The other feature to the Stratco Sunroof is the rain sensor, this allows the unit to be controlled by the weather to close the blades in the event of rain.

Electronically controlled louvres

The louvres are controlled by a remote control for total weather control.

Rain Sensor

The rain sensor will automatically close the louvers in the event of rain if they are in the open position, to protect your patio area.

Impressive Spans

The Stratco Outback Sunroof has a span of up to 3.9m for the flat design and can be incorporated with other Outback Patios in various styles to suit your desire.

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